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Recreating a website, SEO question

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I helped my friend create his website about 1.5 years ago.


At the time I was not responsible for the actual web design end.


Now since i have learned the skills to do it myself, I would like to redo the site.


If I do this what will happen with his ranking on the web.


In other words will the new site have to be re-indexed(not sure of terminology)by search engines etc. to be high up on the list in the field he covers? Will he be starting from scratch?




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Search engine will indexed your new site automatically. But to perform it quickly you can submit your site to search engine manually. Here is a example link "www. google. com /addurl/" to add your site.


What about the status, amount of time the site has been live (1.5ys) of the old site.


Will that be lost?



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I just redesigned my site, going from a 2 yr old table based layout to CSS. I didn't see any ranking loss on Google, and the new content (those few lines they give in the search results) was appearing within 1 week of being uploaded to the server without me doing anything. That means it was re-indexed pretty quick.

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