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Ajax/java/php sum problem


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Hello all,


I'm having a problem with adding up the values that are displayed in a table.


I won't copying and paste all my source code here as there is a lot of it and i think people could understand my problem abother way.


If you look at the following link:




This shows a drop down menu which when selected brings information held in a database based on the selection.

My code is adapted from that of the link above, except i have two drop down menus both accessing different tables in the database.


What i'm trying to do is when the user selects an option from the drop down menus, in a table below the total age is summed.


For example from the link above if the user selected Peter Griffin from the first menu and Lois Griffin from the second menu in a table below their combined

age would be calaculated (in this example 40+41 so 81 would be displayed below)


I've searched high and low and this has been causing me problems for weeks now, any help or adivce would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.



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