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Blogging vs. Podcasting: Which is Best for Building Brands & Followers

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Absolutely do both.

If you've never heard yourself before you might be pleasantly surprised. I did it in the early 2000's and it took my podcasting partner (I don't think the word was invented then) months to get me in front of the mic, but I was fine once I heard myself back the first time and really liked being in front of the mic.

Point is podcasting's a nervous enough experience. Being even partly comfortable with how you sound will minimise some of the nerves. If you've not done it before force yourself to go a little slower than is comfortable so you don't gibber incoherently. Folk talking too fast are exhausting, and I stop listening within seconds.

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Both Blogging vs. Podcasting are good to gain followers. I will suggest to do both.  I guess either

way you’re providing content to your audience. So if you prefer writing create blogs and if you

prefer talking make podcasts. So, do both to gain followers.

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As per my personal experience, Both Blogging and Podcasts are the best options to gain followers as well as to build brand reputation. Blogging or content creation is the right strategy to connect with your target audience. You can target their pain points using your content and by providing your business solutions. On the other hand, podcasts are useful for some business like music & entertainment industry, eCommerce & retail industry, etc.

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There isn't really one choice between the 2. a number of the people you wish to succeed in are visual learners. Others are aural learners who enjoy listening. Both have their pros and cons within the world of content creation. What matters the foremost is:

  • your strengths and skills
  • your goals for content creation
  • the requirements of your audience.

You could produce a blog and a podcast as separate podcast streams, if you've got limitless time and energy. Or, you'll run one content stream which mixes the most effective of both blogging and podcasting. Here's an example where blogging and podcasting combine to form a multi-faceted content stream.

Organic Life may be a podcast about eating and living during a healthier, more sustainable way. The show notes for every episode include a link to the podcast computing device, and links to the podcasts guests' internet sites. Not only do these show notes inform the listener and promote the online site, they also cross-promote. At the highest of the online site could be a link to the Organic Life Instagram page. it would be a criminal offense to exclude colors and visual textures from a content stream about healthy food and sustainable agriculture. this is often another facet of engagement. This content stream has multiple sensory avenues to becoming a habit.

Akimbo may be a content stream that mixes podcasting and blogging to debate culture and alter. Marketing expert Seth Godin packs the show notes with video, the web site with rich, elegant photos, and engages directly with users via an embedded tool called SpeakPipe. instead of asking users to join up for a listing, he invites them to ask a matter. Not only is he letting people hear his voice, he's asking to listen to theirs.


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