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Hello everyone,

I just bought the US$799 mentor program and I am excited to start this journey in 2021. 

Quick introduction of myself. I am 45 year old, married, two kids, with a mortgage(of course), full time working as a quality manager for a company in the electronic manufacturing sector. During this Covid19, I saw my friends being laid off and out of a job. I myself in the past had been fired a few times which were not performance related. it was not nice. I want to control my life.

I want to learn to code for a secondary skills. Work as a freelancer to have side incomes with my current full time job. If something happened to my full time job, then at least I will have something to fall back, hopefully.

6 years ago, i  started to learn to code from free resources, like from Youtube, FreecodeAcademy. joined TeamTreeHouse for a few months. Then laziness, procrastination, or lack of motivation at that time got the better of me. After full time work, you just wanted to rest, do nothing or watch movies at the weekends. So I stopped learning to code since then.

Hopefully this program will be a good place to re-start, achieve whatever we want to achieve. Look forward to have the mentor session after I complete the foundation.

Good luck everyone!


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1 hour ago, CharlesNg said:

Enough dose of coding for me for the day.


That good. Just do what you want to do per day .... and keep it fun! 

Be sure to check out the content/videos in the private club, there are videos on learning strategies.


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