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a:hover isnt working anymore... What could be reason?

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You have a style for div#contentarea a#link which is for the a tag with id="link" but don't have any styles for the other states so add

div#contentarea a#link:visited { }

div#contentarea a#link:hover {...}

div#contentarea a#link:active {...}

div#contentarea a#link:focus {...}

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Thanks so much! It seems to be working perfectly!


I think I tried it without success b4 but the thing I missed to do then was not to define div#contentarea a#link:link <-- So detailed I did the mistake to write;


a#link {}

a#visited {}

a#hover {}

a#active {}


Think my head got so fed up on all the codes that I didn't even realize that i missed the :commands :P


Appreciate your help then Very good and helpful idd :D ;D

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