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Disable all styles in Chrome?


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8 hours ago, StephenMBassett said:

Yup, Chrome. 

There are two popular Chrome extensions that make it easy to disable CSS styles:

  • Web Developer
  • Pendule

You can find them in the Chrome Web Store.



Thank you so much, Web Developer looks great, not tried Pendule yet

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5 hours ago, Jim706 said:

I haven't used the ones Stephen has mentioned but I've found disable-HTML, available from the Chrome store, really easy to use as it is just a simple on-off button choice, and does a few more things on-off too.


Thank you, that is very easy to use, but you should try those suggested by Stephen they are very useful.

By doing this I also learned how to pin an extension to the toolbar, so that's a big help.

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Google Chrome doesn't include an choice to disable cascading style sheets, but you'll disable CSS on a per-page basis with a browser extension, like Web Developer or Pendule.

Step 1

Open the online Developer or Pendule extension page on the Chrome Web Store. Click the "Install" button to put in the extension.

Step 2

Click the gear-shaped icon at the highest right corner of the Google Chrome window to open the online Developer or Pendule extension's menu.

Step 3

Select the "CSS" option within the Web Developer extension and click on "Disable All Styles," or click the "Style Sheets" option in Pendule and click on "Disable All Styles."

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