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Got compability trouble with XHTML page

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I think you'll either need to upload the site to a temporary location online and provide the link, or zip all your files up (including images/css) and attach it to a post here on the forum. It's really hard to tell what the issue is without that.


That said... Be aware that Photoshop's tools for exporting a design into code just aren't that good, and may cause cross browser issues like you are experiencing. I highly doubt any "professional" developer would use this feature -- it's really important to be able to handcode it yourself to help eliminate sources of errors.

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Well I can make it myself, it's just saving quite some time doing it with photoshop... + I've tried to create my own layout without PSD HTML file... Didn't work very well neither im afraid..


I'll try to upload to internet and check for errors there.. But the thing is I was thinking of making the first page work first, the index file, which i pasted into this forum, since i can thereafter use it to copy and create new menualternatives etc for the whole website :/


I had an idea b4 that it might have something to do with CDATA codes that is excluded in this file, think it would make any diff?

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Btw, now when I get to think about it... Everything was working fine with the layout until i pasted the menuarea and it's containing elements... But I just couldn't identify any misstypings or anything there, maybe you got better perception


As I said earlier, I really can't tell what your issue is without seeing the website with all of the images. You don't have to upload the site to a public location -- for example, you could create a new folder on your hosting and provide us that link.


I should also point out that you might want to run the home page through the http://validator.w3.org/check (you can check a file that's already online, upload a file, or just paste in code).


The main thing I noticed after validating is that you have unnecessary comment tags ("


As long as you have one of these blocks in your page, you'll be fine -- you don't need to repeat them.

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I'm Really Greatful for your tip, it is working in IE now!!! Haha and all I did was erase the extra comment tag, and erase the unnecessary Javascript Codes! :)


I can't find words or anything for how thankful I am that you helped me, don't know if I could have found it otherwise...


Both the validator in Dreamweaver and W3 said the code was fine when I checked :o

but now when everything is working I'd be glad to redirect and recommend people to ask you for advice etc!


Your Dearest;


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