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Audio problem with Opera

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I've found that a standard audio code using an object tag and a nested embed tag that used to work two years ago in Opera doesn't show the controller in the latest Opera version and plays the sound immediately when it shouldn't.


IE6, IE7, Fiefox, Safari and Google work properly with the first code in the following test file.


Opera works with another code I found but it causes problems for Firefox so I don't want to use that code.


http://w ww.wickham43.com/forumposts/sound-test-opera.html


Please test in Opera and Firefox. Any ideas for a code that works properly in Opera and Firefox? It can't be plugins or settings because both browsers play the sound with one or other code, but I can't get them both to work with a single code.

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Thanks for the help, Eric. Your audio (I like it) uses a .swf file and I can make flash work but my file was a simple .wav file which needs different code.


I have now decided to use the second code which uses two object tags and a nested embed tag as that works in Opera (no idea why the original single object tag and nested embed tag doesn't work now when it did with old Opera versions).


I've discovered why Firefox was having trouble, it was because I was using two controllers on the same page with the same test .wav file, as soon as I renamed one of them there wasn't a problem.

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