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setting home page and calling custom fields

Guest Mike_sa

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Guest Mike_sa

Hi To all,


Thanks very much for reading this post.


I am a designer and know html css php and mysql relatively well.


I have just done the purchased tutorial on wordpress creating simple templates and themes.


I wanted to know if I can set numerous pages like below :


<?php if (is_page('home')) : ?>

do this


<?php else:?>

do this




<?php if (is_page('about')) : ?>

do this


<?php else:?>

do this



I also wanted to know how to call custom fields. I am using Wordpress 2.9.1 on my local server.


Have downloaded and installed flutter and custom fields.


I have a page where there is a welcome note and direclty below I want to have three columns with services , developement and say contact.


I have been able to set the group fields and fields ect . I have placed the code within the loop (i understand the loop to be between the if and while statements.


1: the 3 custom page fields appear in my navigation which I don't want but presume I must just set the page number to

remove them. (how do I remove the page from menu)

2: When I call the variable I want. Group field is 3_col the custom fields names are services, developement , contact.


to call I have placed the code between the if and while statements of the loop

I have placed <?php echo get('3_col'); ?>


It does not display anything even though the post page has got a title and content. I would also like to call the title and then the content of the custom field.


I have read the wordpress codex but just get more confused I have also read many tuts on flutter but the code used in the tuts with my suplimented names don't work either.


3: Can we also call this data in the footer using this technique if required.


I have attached a very simple line layout for you too see

Could someone please advise me on what I could be doing wrong and the other questions.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks very much

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