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2 Validation Errors

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Hi guys,

With proof reading, changing of pictures and validating - the Anclote Harbors Re Design (my 1st project) is about complete (need to fix errors). However I am coming across only 2 errors on my pages (Quite a change from the original company who left 85 errors - I guess web standards did not apply to them). However - below is my Head Section (doctype= html strict) and below that are the 2 errors (re: xmlns and target="_blank"). I have re searched and unless I overlooked it - I can not clear these 2 errors. As always - your input is greatly appreciated.






Anclote Harbors Marina


$('.fadeIn img:gt(0)').hide();


$('.fadeIn :first-child').fadeOut(2000)













1. Error Line 2, Column 13: Attribute "XMLNS" is not a valid attribute. Did you mean "onmouseup" or "onmouseover"?



I thought onmouseup was or onmouseover was a command with the mouse - and did not know it had anything to do with xmlns?




2. Error Line 47, Column 75: Attribute "TARGET" is not a valid attribute. Did you mean "target"?


?ttp://www.srh.noaa.gov/tbw/" target="_blank">Marine Weather..................



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1. If you aren't using XML, you don't need the "xmlns" attribute. So you can just use .


2. I usually ignore this particular error... You can bypass it by doing this instead:




Perfect - thanks Ben. I will post the completed site for peer review today or tomorrow

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