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So, about the time when covid-19 started it's mean streak, I decided to pursue my goal of a career change, from pre-school teacher to a full-fledged nerd. Through my life I've been a nerd in hiding so to speak, so I figured out, hey! let's give coding a chance! I found udemy.com and started a masterclass in Java... just to bite off more than I could chew. I followed along the course, to about 60% completion before I realized: I'm following blindly, trying to learn something new, but I'm really not learning "anything". I also realized that the tutor had mad skills when it came to Java, but wasn't  good at teaching, barely explaining the fundamentals and wasn't really aware of how the course was presented to the students. So I thought; this doesn't work for me. What to do!?

At this stage I was aware of Stef's youtube channel and had binged several of his vids. It instantly connected with me. I found out about his course on studioweb and finally decided: let's give it a shot. And let me tell you; Only a couple of weeks in, and I am hooked. I took the certification in HTML fundamentals in about a week and I'm now going headfirst into CSS. I love everything from the short videos to the witty quiz challenges. Not to mention how thorough he is when presenting basic concepts/fundamentals. I take notes as i go, tinker around in Atom (my weapon of choice) and feel how things are slowly falling into place. Usually I want to rush through things and having fast results. This experience has humbled me and I realize that it takes time to learn. Focus on the fundamentals, know your basics, get the understanding of how it's all connected before nerding out the big ideas. Start small. 

I'm usually not a forum-kinda-guy, but the decision I made when I started his course, has been a blessing. And I just want to say that I am very thankful for this. This is tutoring done right! This is how you aspire tiny nerdlings to transcend into something greater. Thank you!  

/* Hope all you fellow nerds out there are safe!  Peace! */

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