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Beginner - Javascript Order Form


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"Where practice makes nearly






nbsp;         &n


bsp;         &nb


sp; offbeatlogo.gif


alt="OffBeat Music Store" />

More items being added regularly; check


back often.

Better yet, stop by the store!


We've got your strings!

Bass </p><p> </p><p>Strings

D'Addario Bass


Strings - package of 4





Guitar </p><p> </p><p>Strings

Ernie Ball Guitar


Strings - package of 6











# of packages of Bass Strings:


name = "numBassStrings" value = "" onchange="updateOrder();"





# of packages of Guitar Strings:


id="guitar" name = "numGuitarStrings" value = ""


onchange="updateOrder();" />



Days until pick-up:


name="pickupdays" value="" />




value="" readonly="readonly" />




readonly="readonly" />




readonly="readonly" />








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Thank you for the reply, Monkeysaurus! I did make that change and uploaded the updated file; alas, that didn't solve the problem... What's next? Thanks again for your help!!!



Hi, Firebug is showing an error on line 28:


if (stringString.indexOf("dozen") != -1) 


should be:


if (stringsString.indexOf("dozen") != -1)


If you could fix that, we can see what happens after that. :)

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Thank you for your help! I discovered the problem! I had not made the form name, "orderform" consistant throughout.


Thanks so much!!! :)


Well, the next problem is on line 15:


if (isNan(numGuitarStrings))


should be:

if (isNaN(numGuitarStrings))


I would recommend downloading Firebug and working through the errors as they appear in the console.

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