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Getting a news feed on my site


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Hello all,


I'm new to forum and to web design in general. I'm still getting to know the subject and am feeling my way around.


I'm currently working on my first site in Dreamweaver cs4. I have a div setup as a right hand tool bar for adverts and other bits and pieces like that to go. What i'm trying to do is put an rss feed in there from the bbc website.


I'm not sure i have explained what i meant very well, so here's a link to an example of what i'm trying to achieve:




if you visit the site and scoll down a little on the right hand side there's a news feed from the bbc sport website showing the latest football headlines.


I was wondering if anyone knows of a way i could do something similar to this?


I've been looking at rss feeds and news reader software in general but i don't really understand what to do with them and how to make them work on my site.


Any help, advice or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.





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I've had a look at the bbc pages, but i'm unsure of how to use a news reader. I've tried but can't seem to get them to work. I think what i need is just a little section of code possibly javascript to link to the feed. I've never used on written any java before so it's all a bit foreign to me!

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