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Please share web design tips to improve your bounce rate

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On 10/30/2020 at 12:22 PM, minddigital55 said:

Please share web design tips to improve your bounce rate?

Best way is to keep your site fast, give users content they would want to stick to and read or watch. Keep them engaged with suggestions like "Article you might want to read, or videos you might want to watch." Keep the number of ads on a page to minimum and that too shouldn't be intrusive with the UI/UX.

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Here are some Web Design Tips to Improve your Bounce Rate

Declutter your site for faster load times

Optimize your site for conversions

Use a visual hierarchy

Include social share buttons

Use colors effectively

Stick with sans serif

Include an FAQ

Utilize white space.

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Consider the colours

Having your own website means you've got all the liberty to create it entirely your own. It’s all up to you and your team to make sure that every one the client-facing aspects of your site represent your brand accurately.

If you have already got a well-established color theme for your brand, don’t be afraid to combine it up by adding more pleasing hues to your website’s graphic design.

Don’t forget the colours of the fonts and text on your site. ensure it’s easy to read so people can easily see what to click on next by just quickly glancing at different parts of the page.

Great Graphics and pictures

You should profit of the web’s fantastic ability to present different visual design elements, text, and data. People are more likely to test out other parts of your website if your page elements look interesting. Don’t just focus your graphic design on your logo and company identity.

A bland looking website won’t leave a decent impression on your audience. Allocate a number of your resources on designing a singular and coherent rummage around for your entire site, so your website doesn’t just seem like everybody else’s. Use a mix of multimedia to assist point people within the right direction.

you'll be able to add infographics to different sections of your site in order that you'll present important information quickly to your users. you'll be able to also easily incorporate videos and audio to create your site more engaging.

It’s also a decent idea to spend some money on top quality images that match perfectly with the message you're trying to send. you'll use premium stock photos or hire a photographer who can capture the proper rummage around for your brand. Using your own photos gives you the power to customize your brand’s messaging in order that it'll resonate along with your target market— whether it’s millennials or CEOs.

Remove the Clutter

Keep in mind that while having fancy graphics and multimedia content is nice, you shouldn’t make up the trap of cluttering up your website with too many confusing design elements. Don’t be terrified of keeping empty white spaces on your pages.

Leaving some parts of your site empty allows you to spotlight important content and knowledge. This also makes your visitors more likely to click on other sections of your site to search out out more.

Your website should be able to present content and knowledge to your visitors in an exceedingly continuous flow and in an exceedingly logical manner. Notice how search engines don’t dump all the search leads to one page? People would suffer from information overload if the data wasn’t separated into pages.

Optimize for All Devices

Making your website look good on both computers and mobile devices is what web designers call responsive design. With such a big amount of ways available to attach to the web, you don’t want to go away out a segment of your target market from consuming the content you're trying to present.

Always consider how your site’s layout and its design elements look on different screen sizes and resolutions. It may look like lots of additional work, but responsive design may be a real concern that you just must regularly address to form sure your site can cater to everybody irrespective of what they’re using.

Give Visitors alternative ways

to interact together with your Site If you give people something to try and do on your website there’s a decent chance they’ll stay longer. There are many belongings you can do to create your website more dynamic and fascinating.

counting on what variety of service you offer, you'll be able to start with the fundamentals like opt-in or contact forms, an FAQ page, a news section, or a blog.

You can also add buttons and options so users can easily share your page and your content on social media like Facebook or Twitter. If visitors find something worth sharing or interacting with on your site even once, there’s an improved chance that they’ll come for more updates

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