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How to set accordion to be completely collapsed when page loads


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Thanks, Eric. :)


Yes, I saw that and here's what I have in the



$(function() {


collapsible: true




The result is the first item is open by default. I want them all closed by default.


For reference, here's what I'm working on (will style the accordion once I get it working properly): http://tinyurl.com/ylefxty

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I've always used Themeroller in conjunction with jQuery UI - you can tweak the look in your browser, then download the specific package you need. There are pre-rolled themes there too. Once you've done this, it's a simple case of including the stylesheet in your page and making sure the paths are correct.


Even if you use themeroller as a starting point, then tweak once it's in place, it's the quickest way to work with jQuery UI, for my money.

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