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Anyone have experiences building a chat app with websockets?

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Good afternoon everyone,

For a while now I have been trying to complete a chat application to add to my portfolio to get work. Because it is something not that simple, so that when an employer-recruiter sees I worked on and finished one then I could hopefully get a job in this field. I'm puzzled to either or not add messages to the database, because when deploying it it may cost a lot of money to hold the space for a first version to later be built on further. Also the main thing I'm trying to figure out is there a set list of things to have when working with a chat app that uses socket.io? I followed a basic tutorial a little while ago to get the basic gist of socket.io to where I am to rebuild it from scratch to implement a db for user auth and I wasn't sure if others have built a chat app and would be willing to share best practices for the structure. Because the main feature I built alone was to add a OOP-based bot that would emit/broadcast messages based on kw matches in messages to make the chatroom engaging & fun!
I wasn't sure if that would make any breaking changes when adding a db because in the sandbox version I have so far it works without a db, solely for learning how websockets work in a dev environment. I wanted to know if anyone has built a full fledged app with socket.io and a db and would appreciated any advice for having this done the right way if there is something about websockets I should be aware of when working with SQL. 


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