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Any advice for a first time Wordpress website?


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Good afternoon everyone,

I want to build my first Wordpress site from scratch thanks to the fundamental lessons taught. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as for if you use the standard Free version of MAMP is there any sort of project-management handling being that all PHP projects are stored in a single htdocs folder. I'm sure this may sound humerus to experienced Wordpress developers. I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't have issues, being that MAMP is a free service, if that is understandable? Because if I ever plan on providing websites/web-services and/or Wordpress/PHP jobs; I just wanted to ensure that I wouldn't be leaving my website open to unforeseen problems that come with being new to Wordpress.

Thank you for any advice ahead of time!

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I was also wondering if anyone here has any experience using namecheap with wordpress? If you need to purchase the hosting per month and as well as buying MAMP Pro to be able host a site with wordpress public on the web? As I have read that the free version is primarily good for development and testing purposes.


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Hay JamzAppz, 

Brother, I know it's pretty late to reply on this thread, But if you have not started your wordpress site, then I hope my answer will help you. However you can find a lot of resources regarding starting a wordpress site, But yes this guide is highly recommended for you, It is about building a WordPress site from scratch, Read, and I am 1 msg away so you can ask me anything.

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