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I am a new web designer (just finishing a web design course actually and working on a free site for a client in order to gain experience..)

I needed some help pairing fonts.. I wanted to use open sans as the main body font but needed a 2nd font to go with that.. My client sells custom decorated cookies.. and I was thinking perhaps a flowy font (but not exactly script) would work with the design of the site.. (I would be using this font mainly for headings etc..-larger font size..)

Can anyone recommend fonts that would pair well with open sans and accomplish my goal? 


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On 9/8/2020 at 10:35 PM, Shevy said:

Any specific Serif fonts that are flowy that would work well with open sans that you can recommend?

Hi. Not really ... it depends on the subject of the site. For example, if you were doing a site to promote an horror film, I would be considering the Chiller font for the headings. I tend to keep my body text neutral. So sans-serif like open sans ... as an example.

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