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If you look to the bottom right hand corner of your Sublime Text window you'll see the tabs doc type labelled as HTML, unless you've previously modified it.

Assuming you haven't if you click on where it says HTML you'll see a pop-up that lets you select the language for the page you're working in and you just scroll to find CSS and select it,. Then save the page in the relevant folder and give it an appropriate title. Using stylesheet.css keeps it simple. I'm still pretty new myself but the pieces do start to fit together after a while.

Hope this helps.

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referred to index.css instead of stylesheet.css, doh!
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Hi sorry for the delay in coming back to you I had to take a few days away from all this, the learning curve has been steep shall we say, but time to get back to it.

I would have put:  <link href="insert name of css stylesheet file" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Don't forget to periodically view in browser to check things are working as you go along.

I'm glad you popped this up it reminds me I need to go back and redo the css to refresh things. 

Cheers, Jim.

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