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Hi can anyone help me with sound files on my website. I have a personal website which i am currently in the process of re-doing. I use to have a sound play when ever a person click the link (car engine noise link said click here to listen) i cannot find the site i found the information from the first time i dont want the sound to play automatically as i know this can annoy people also i dont want the box to come up saying open save or cancel this is the code from the old version of the site i just cant seem to edit it to get it to work again. Thanks in advance


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Add in

to the object tag and controller="true" autostart="false" into the embed tag


and see if it adds the controller (from a default audio program on someone's computer, probably Windows Media Player).


I'm not sure whether the codes and play="false" are correct; try it with and then without them with my codes.


Some general advice on audio is here:-

http://w ww.wickham43.net/soundandvideo.php (delete space in url)

item 2 if you use the embed tag or item 3 if you use the object tag

but I don't claim to be an expert in audio and video, it's often complicated by the number of codes and formats.

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