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How to transfer info back and forth between form and MySQL db

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What I have (software)

Dreamweaver CS3; Wamp; Apache 2.2.11; php 5.3.0; MySQL 5.1.36


What I know (thanks Killersite U).:

? How to create Dreamweaver html webpages including html forms

? How to create MySQL db?s and tables



I plan to have these MySQL tables for my website database (these I know how to do):

? A client_info table that will include password, name, client_id, etc.

? A product_info table that will include product_id, product_image, client_id, product_description, etc.


In my website I plan to have:

? A login form;

? A product input form (The client will fill this form in as products become available.)

? The product input form will contain all the fields of the product_info table plus some of the fields from the client_info table. I want the client_info fields of the form to automatically fill because of the login

? A webpage that lists all the regions that would be in the product_info table. When a region is clicked, a webpage appears that lists all the products of that region along with a clickable client name beside each product which takes the visitor to the client?s website


If this were a Microsoft Access project and the webpages were reports, I could make all this happen because I know what to do behind the scenes, however here I do not know what to do, to get the info from the form to the table nor how to get the info from the tables to a page on the web and how to join the tables, how and where to construct the queries, the syntac, etc.


I subscribe to Killersite U and have watched the Beginner Dreamweaver, and beginner php and mysql which have been invaluable in getting me this far but I am not there yet


Can anyone advise me as to what videos to watch, literature to read, etc. to learn the above things.



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Well, it sounds like you are doing the right thing -- watching the Beginner PHP and MySQL video tutorials is the first place I'd start. You might also want to take a look at a basic tutorial I put together that should give you the building blocks for a lot of what you want to do: http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/2282/basic-php-system-vieweditdeleteadd-records/


Basically, I've created a simple system that allows you to view, edit, add and delete records. In my example, I've kept it simple and just used first name and last name fields, but it would also work for products as well.


Another place I would look is at the Tizag tutorials on MySQL. You'll need to use a combination of PHP and MySQL -- MySQL to get the data from the database, and PHP to handle the logic and displaying of the data. http://www.tizag.com/mysqlTutorial/ Some of the most important MySQL commads that you will use -- which I cover in my example -- are "select" (used for getting information from the database), "update" (used to update information in the database), "insert" (adding records) and "delete" (used for deleting records).

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