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floating multiple images

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Unless, of course, you want them to float like soap bubbles, but in an orderly fashion just from left to right.......


We are talking CSS positioning float here. If you really mean a different kind of float, please be specific.


But if you also mean CSS float - then what virtual said what Wickham said - of course - unless you have too many images or they are too large, that what doesn't fit will drop down to the next row.

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Perhaps Kaymeis didn't understand that float is a technical CSS coding term.


If he means images that move across the screen then this could be done with javascript, jQuery or Flash.


Hotscripts http://www.hotscripts.com/category/javascript/scripts-programs/ might have a suitable script.


This page http://www.hotscripts.com/category/javascript/scripts-programs/image-effects/animations/ lists two "Bouncing Images" scripts that might be what is wanted. I don't know whether they can be controlled in a straight line or whether they bounce up and down as well.

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