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JS Chapter 8 counting dogs alert


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Too true Stef, and thanks for the reassurance. Before I started I was prepared to struggle but it doesn't help it hurt less when you're stuck thinking you've tried every permutation several times over and it starts to get dark and claustrophobic. I wouldn't have had the free time for this opportunity to try get through the course in such a short time without the covid-lockdown-furlough situation but that's still been the hardest stressor to cope with.

I've taken a week off a couple of times since I began in April but I'm still here, having a stubborn streak sometimes is a virtue. I knew when I began exploring coding in Jan/Feb with a view to escaping Mordor that at the age of 57 it was going to be bloody hard at times. Now I'm halfway into "PHP and MySQL" and then it's "Form Validation with PHP and Javascript" and It's done, in the formal learning sense for this course. The project half of things I'm looking forward too but I know it'll have it's own challenges and frustrations.  

The basic crux of what you say about studying little and often is all too true.



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