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Alexa rankings are not at all accurate. For instance, I have a site that gets 1/2 the traffic of another site, and Alexa has it the other way around.


Alexa ranks were based on the Alexa tool bar ... how many people still have that? To be fair, they have updated their data to some extent with other sources of information used in figuring out ranks ... but nonetheless, it probably still isn't a very good measure of a website's traffic.



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I know what you mean about the inaccuracy. I have a client that averages 1200 visits a month and has an Alexa rating of over 9 million. Yet another site that averages 275 visitors a month has a rating of about 2.4 million. I don't understand that.


Also, URL Trends shows their Alexa rating going back quite a while, yet the other site will only go back to the beginning of this month. And they are both over 10 years old. I don't get it.


I look forward to seeing the SEO stuff you're producing!


On another note, I have gone through the PHP videos on this site and started getting into it - thought I was getting somewhere. But seemed to lose focus after a while and other pressing matters taking precedence. Do you know of a place I can sit in a class and learn PHP in Tampa? I searched Google but all I found were 3-4 day seminars for WAY more than I can spend. I tried all the local universities but didn't find much there either.


Thanks again!





THanks for your input!


No problem.


I am actually working on a set of SEO video tutorials .. if that is of any interest. They will be posted in the university

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Why not just join the KillerSites University or pick up one of the tutorials on killerphp.com? It is MUCH cheaper and from what a lot of people have told me ... the videos are easy to learn with. All the testimonials we post are real and are only a small sample of the emails I've gotten:




I've always been reluctant to push my own videos, but if you just take your time, you'll learn a lot more than you'd think.



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