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StudioWeb now offers certifications in the following languages:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 7
  • Python 3

The certification exams test both practical and theoretical knowledge, allowing students to demonstrate their mastery of the coding language. Certification exams are unique for each student, where questions are randomly selected from our large pool of questions. 

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Hi there,

What sort of weight and credibility does a studioweb certificate have?  Is it something this recognized in the US and do employers care where your certificate is from?  Can you please tell me more about the value of the certifcation?

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Employers in software typically don't care much about certification. They really care about demonstrable skills. So portfolio is more important.

So do the certifications because it will help, and it will prove to yourself that you have skills enough to move forward. 

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