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I have finished HTML5, CSS3, JS and PHP foundations. 
Started doing MySql, but for me, it felt too outdated. 

I did it until CH2-lesson2 where I started getting errors when following Stef's instructions. 

And I stopped because I felt it's overly difficult. That 4 hours which it should have taken to complete MySql will take me 10 hours with all the googling and finding how PHPMyAdmin works nowadays.

But I didn't come to whine here. :) I liked all the other foundation courses. Wasn't difficult to understand. 
I came here to ask recommendation for MySql course that's same but with new PHPMyAdmin or something?

Thank you up ahead! :)

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On 2/24/2020 at 9:11 PM, administrator said:

Sorry for the long delay. I will be monitoring the forum now.

So, you don't have access to PHPMyAdmin?

Stef up

I think he means that new mamp/xampp/wamp are using different PHPMyAdmin and it might be confusing to start with.

I had different issues with this course, but I forgot now. Some videos are not great on freelance course. I found some quizzes may have error. There was one that you used one name in the lecture and different in the quizz. I had to use all the hints to find out haahahah

All the best!


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On 5/31/2020 at 4:21 PM, JimusMallard said:

Is this still an issue for the course?

If you run into issues just contact me. Occasionally things come up, most of the time is people just dealing with learning to code ... they soon figure out what they missed. Once in a while, there are actual errors though. 

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