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Happy New Year and need a cheap screencasting app pls help


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Hi and happy new year all killersiters. I'm new here for some helps about choosing one cheap screencasting app.

I'm making some demos of how to use the software of my company, also I need narration recording and zoom-and-pan feature since it makes quite easy for audiences to follow. I've tried Camtasia 30-day trial, all things work good but I'm afraid the price makes me little nervous. Anyone can introduce a cheaper screencasting software which offers those features mentioned above?


Thanks for any helps and suggestions.



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It's the zoom/pan features that may be tricky to find in a cheap app... Unfortunately, most of the screencasting apps I know of are Mac based (ScreenFlow is what I use). You might look at:


Jing/Jing Pro (free): http://www.jingproject.com/features/ (I couldn't find out if this includes zoom/pan, so you might need to try a demo)

AllCapture ($200): http://www.allcapture.com/eng/index.php

BBFlashBack ($100-200): http://www.bbsoftware.co.uk/bbflashback.aspx?cc=true


...To be honest, after looking around for a while, your best bet may still be Camtasia. There are a lot of free/low cost alternatives, but they do only the absolute basics.

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oh u r really a big help falkencreative. I've surfed the net and decided to choose from BB Flashback 2 and DemoCreator. I also watched those tutorials at Techsmith, they're great and I hope I can make things like that some day.


We're just about to make attempt of creating video demos for our software, so at the very first some simple and easy videos are OK. I've checked these two mentioned above, they are simple with most of basic and common video editing features so I'd like to have my first try with them. Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced and happy new year.


BB Flashback Professional ($199): http://www.bbsoftware.co.uk/bbflashback.aspx?cc=true

DemoCreator ($99): http://www.sameshow.com/demo-creator.html

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