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I have a website that has an instruction page. I wanted to highlight the fact that the instruction page has been updated with new information. I was trying to use the code below to add the word "Updated" next to the link to the instruction page but the word "Updated" keeps jumping to the next line. I want it to stay on the same line. I tried taking out the tag "Div" and using "Span" and even "Font" but when I take out DIV, my code no longer works (the glow doesn't work). Any ideas how to anchor this code?


Here is the code I was using:


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I think you'll either need to post the full code (html and CSS) or more likely post a link to the page. Seems like the problem may not be with this specific snippet, but with the code that surrounds it.


You may also try adding: "display:inline;" to your inline CSS -- that may fix it, but I'm not sure unless I can see the full code.




Also, realize that your glow effect only works on Internet Explorer -- not in Firefox, Safari, or any other browser.

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Thank you for the quick response.


I did not know this code would only work in IE which leaves me wondering how one can tell if a code is more universal (work in other browsers) or only specific for one type of brower? But that is a question for another thread.


Here is more of the code - I bolded the area where I was trying to insert the code I showed earlier (it is not there now because I couldn't get it to work):


Susan L. Orth, Allen County Treasurer

Welcome Allen County Taxpayers,

It is our goal to serve you, the taxpayer, by developing more efficient ways for you to interact with our office. We are striving to make it easier for you to retrieve information, make payments and answer your most commonly asked questions.

With this web site you will be able to access accurate information 24 hours a day. If, however you have further questions, please email us or call my office and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Susan Orth

Tax Payment Methods:

Follow the Treasurer's Office on Twitter for helpful information and updates.

Tax Searches:

Tax Due / Mailing Dates

  • Tax bills were mailed on, or about, Monday, July 20, 2009.
  • The first (Spring) tax bill installment was due August 20, 2009.
  • The second (Fall) tax bill installment was due November 10, 2009.
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Personally, I'd just do something like this instead:




You have a lot of unnecessary tags in the bolded section of your above code -- most likely caused by using Dreamweaver's design view.


If you really need that glow effect and want it to work on all browsers, you'll need to make it an image.


How can you tell if something works only in one browser? Well, research online, browser testing, or just general knowledge if you've been in the web design field for a while. It's just something that you pick up over time. Most code will work universally in all browsers, but some browsers -- primarily IE -- have built in "features" that only work in their browser.

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Thank you again. Making the glow an image is an excellent idea! Thank you also for answering my ancillary question, I was trying not to detract from the main thread but did wonder how one could know about what codes work where.


I am going to try the image approach. I see all these cool things on various websites and have no clue as how to do them but I'm trying to learn. Sometimes I think I'm trying to run without knowing how to walk. Thank you again.

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.... but I'm trying to learn. Sometimes I think I'm trying to run without knowing how to walk. Thank you again.
Based on the code you posted above, it looks like you're missing a lot of the basic knowledge of clean and semantic coding - and likely, you're not using external stylesheets. Those are very much part of good design. To get a basic understanding of what they are and how they work, look at:



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