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i'd like to shoot myself


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sometimes, the most basic of tasks can just drive a person insane. Long story short, I am reading a few SEO forums that say I should give my images (all of which are links) an alt tag AND a title. The alt tag is simple, but nowhere, not on the net, not in DW help, can I find how to give my images a title. Tried changing things in property inspector, nothing happened. The file name

is not the title. In fact, I have obviously given one of my images a title, probably a week ago and now can't remember, because

when I preview the page in IE, when the mouse rolls over the image, a few words appear relating to the image. It is not the file name, nor is it the text in the alt tag. I have spent more time wasted on junk like this than i have building the page.


Any help much appreciated as I am at the end of my tether.


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i do not have any title= in the code section, I have alt= but not title. I am imagining I would not have title= until I actually give the image a title, which, as mentioned is my problem, how to give it one.


ps should words in alt tags be seperated by spaces, commas, underscores, or hyphens?

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If you want to give an image a title, do what jlhaslip suggested -- add the " title="" " to your image:


alt text


Alt tags aren't a place to list keywords -- if anything, that'll backfire on you, since Google and similar search engines can spot such methods. Alt tags are intended to show up if the image can't load for some reason, or someone is browsing with images disabled (a screenreader, for example) so they need to be in common english, separated by spaces like any other text.

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