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Types of Emails Optimize during Holidays

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As you prepare for the holiday season, take the time to review and update these three key holiday emails:

1. Welcome emails.

2. Relevant promotional emails.

3. Abandoned cart emails.

Let’s break each of these down

1. Welcome email

How do you craft a successful welcome email?

Here are a few quick tactics you can implement to optimize your welcome emails:

Send it immediately, usually from the moment they have made their first purchase with you.

Make sure it’s recognizable — a simple, high-resolution logo placed at the top reminds your customers of exactly who is contacting them.

Ask your customers to engage. Think small; for example, product recommendations with a ‘continue shopping’ at the bottom prompts them to redirect to your store.

Give the recipient an incentive to engage with your email. Coupon codes and exclusive offers are a great way to initiate this.

A bonus during the holiday season is to give estimated shipping times or, better yet, tracked shipping and real-time shipping updates.

2. Relevant promotional emails

Give Best Holiday Email Subject Lines to Shoppers insights and set expectations on what promotions you are running during the holiday season.

Let’s break these down (left to right):

Email 1:

-Clear campaign launch and CTA to shop for a holiday gift guide.

-Fun graphics appealing to the indulger in us all.

-Clear CTA at the bottom.

-Additional CTA for a Thanksgiving delivery.

Email 2:

-The Thanksgiving dinner CTA is moved to the top of the email – clear CTA.

-Holiday-themed graphics and visuals.

-Gift guide callout at the bottom.

Email 3:

-More visible ‘ORDER NOW’ CTA as the deadline to order approaches.

-The approaching holiday is called out even more visually with graphics.

-Shipping costs clearly advertised to alleviate any cost concerns.

Email 4:

-Post-Thanksgiving emails change to holiday dinner push, with clear CTA at the top of the email.

-Visuals switch to gift-like themes to match the upcoming holidays.

-Images show holiday-specific ice cream flavors.

Email 5:

-Even larger CTA announcing order date deadline.

-Personalization options advertised.

-Last-minute gift guide offered

3. Abandoned cart emails

An abandoned cart is the last thing you want.

Usually, it means that something was wrong with or missing from the customers’ shopping experience.

-Large companies like Amazon can offer free shipping simply because of their size, but what about small-to-medium-sized businesses? When and how can they start to offer free shipping or shipping at a rate that doesn’t put customers off?

-If you’re a seller competing primarily on the uniqueness of your product, try increasing the average order value (AOV) by offering free shipping after certain conditions have been met. You’ll often see this as a floating banner on websites stating something like: “Free shipping on orders over $100.”

-If you’re competing on price and are not willing to absorb the cost of shipping as a marketing expense, then you’ll need to raise the price of your products to cover shipping. Remember though, price rises can be a recipe for losing valuable loyal customers, so make sure you think carefully about how you’ll do this.

-If you are willing to absorb the cost, then do so.

-If you’re somewhere in the middle, and you’re based within the United States, try offering free shipping to certain locations only.

-Do you offer expedited shipping? If so, including a surcharge for this service could help eat some of the deficit.

Originally published at https://www.bigcommerce.com/



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