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How To Fetch Not Last Row Of Table But Last Entry Of Certain User In The Table?

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Php Experts,

I need to fetch not the last row in the table but the last entry based on a condition. I only know how to fetch the last row in the table. 

I tried coding the way I think it is done but no luck. Googled but no luck. 

$query_for_today_date_and_time = "SELECT date_and_time FROM logins WHERE username = ? ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1"; 
        if($stmt_for_today_date_and_time = mysqli_prepare($conn,$query_for_today_date_and_time)) 
            $result_for_today_date_and_time = mysqli_stmt_bind_result($stmt_for_today_date_and_time,$db_today_date_and_time); 
            $today_date_and_time = $db_today_date_and_time; 
            die("<h1 style=\"font-family:courier; color:red; text-size:25%; text-align:center\"><b> 
            ERROR STATEMENT 11: Sorry! Our system is currently experiencing a problem! </b></h1> <br> 

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