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How can I make decreasing options in form - radio buttons


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I have a form with radio buttons? I want to set how many times the options can be picked. Example:











For the 2pm-3pm time I want users to only be able to pick the 2pm-3pm 4 times, for the '3pm-4pm' time- only 5 times?.When the 2pm-3pm has been picked 4 times that option disappears. I want to be able to entre how many orders per radio button...

And as the orders fill up the remaining orders decrease and option eventually disappears form frontend...

How is this possible to do? Do I need to put a Id on each radio button?


I REALIZED THAT THIS SHOULD BE IN A SERVER LANGUAGE CATEGORY becuase it deals with valuating a form...Moderator please feel free to delete I've re-posted in ASP 0- as I don't have option to delete in new forum

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