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Any good IT April Fool's Day jokes you have found?


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Right to Be Forgotten Regulators To Launch "Internet of Thingummies"
The EU has announced the investment of six billion euros into a new alternative network that respects the right to be forgotten, including the subsidiary right of not remembering what it was you intended to do when you first started to connect to the network. "We're calling it the Internet of Thingummies, because none of us wrote down the much better name we came up with last week," announced its chief researcher, who was either Tim Berners-Lee or Vint Cerf, nobody seems entirely sure. The IoT mesh network is expected to be deployed using thousands of tiny "smart dust" transceivers smaller than a human eyelash, just as soon as anyone can recall where they last put them. - EFF




EFF Announces End of Fake News; Everything on the Internet Now True
Technologists at the non-profit claim to have fixed the problem by editing the Wikipedia entry for "gullible." - EFF



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