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How Americans Leave their Personal Info Open to Thieves


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How Americans Leave their Personal Info Open to Thieves




A new poll by CreditCards.com found that 92 percent of Americans have taken at least one big data security risk in the past year.
The most common error: reusing the same password online, which can increase odds of becoming a victim of identity theft. The poll found that more than eight in 10 U.S. adults (82 percent) recycle passwords, and most make this poor practice a habit. In fact, most internet users who do this use the same password at least half (61 percent) or all (22 percent) of the time, the poll said.
The poll noted that despite this and other sloppy data security behavior, Americans are very worried about ID theft. Almost half (46 percent) say realizing their identity had been stolen would be worse than discovering that burglars broke into their home (27 percent). The rest said both would be equally bad.



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