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nav bar links not working in preview in firefox, but ok in IE7


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Hi to all

I have used a template that I created in dw to create all of my pages.

when previewing in firefox a couple of the buttons don't work, but they work ok in IE7.


The problem is with the second nav bar link, as each time I click it the item above and below it

become inoperable. If I go down and click the 5th item, I can then go up and use the 1st, 2nd and third

link. However, each time I click the second link, it renders link 1 and 3 inoperable again.


Any help much appreciated as I would not know where to start troubleshooting.

I am not using the template to view in browser, I have re-linked all of the pages twice and three times,

but nothing seems to work





PS. sorry if this is posted twice, I thought I hit submit but couldn't find it on the board, so posted again.

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Thanks for your reply

My site is not on the net so I can't send you a link.

I have made a practice site in dw so I can play with it more without doing any damage.


I was thinking however, that when I made the template which included the nav bar, I made rollover buttons. Then I added pages and applied the template to the newly created page and then linked the nav bar item to that page.

But, when I link, the source for the link is the nav button in the up position, so when I preview and click that button it

is now in the down position and wouldn't have a link.Does that make sense?


I will look to see if I can link the nav bar items twice, once in the up position and once in the down

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