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Freelancing panic - help on finding work



For the past couple days I've been bidding on projects on freelancer and upwork for Django projects. And all I gotta say is this is extremely demoralizing /saddening.

Many people posting a job there want a $3000+ job in USD for under $500, or some similarly laughable amount.

And the people who actually have a decent price for the work they want done, since most freelancers there are from 3rd world countries, they win the projects because the cost of living for them is much lower than me in the US.

Anyone have any tips? What can I do? Where can I go?

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I'd suggest getting Stef's Freelancer Course (it's still on sale i think, use his Black Friday coupon)

In case you already did buy his Course, research I guess. There's plenty of work out there that needs to be done. I'm really new to this so don't take this response too seriously. I hope you figure it out.

Cheers !

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Thanks for the reply. I have his course too.

I was being a little too emotional from aggravation elsewhere. Shouldn't have let the get to me while finding work.

Anyways, I found some other options that seem better, and I'll go down those paths.

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