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Please Suggest a CMS for an paid to complete offers.

Guest mordekai

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Guest mordekai



Please suggest an open source CMS, I am going to start an offer site - actually - "get paid to complete offers" and "a giveaway goodies".

Things that i want it to do.


*Show people offers depending on their geographic location (I should be able to configure it.)

*Track their clicks. Better if the offer page loads in separate frame than in a separate page.

*they should be only be able to proceed to the next page after they complete few offers.

*Should be able to credit money or points accordingly


these are what I am looking for

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You are not going to find a CMS that fits your requirements. CMS's are usually made for general tasks (like managing content), not very specific ones like this. There is a chance that you'll find plugins for Wordpress or Joomla that does what you want... but more likely you're looking at needing custom development done, and it probably won't be cheap.


You might want to do a Google search for "paying offers script" or similar (rather than searching for a CMS) but everything I found looked shady, and I wouldn't trust handing over money to these websites selling the scripts. It's a pretty shady industry, and something that I don't really want to be a part of.

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