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PHP Login Project Problems


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Hey guys,

I followed the instructions in the PHP course for advanced php>login system. However, I'm getting errors. I even downloaded the source files and copy and pasted them into my text editor and I'm still getting the following errors.


Notice: Undefined index: isBlock in /Users/brian.smith/valet/blog5/elProjecto/index.php on line 71

Notice: Undefined index: badUserCredentials in /Users/brian.smith/valet/blog5/elProjecto/index.php on line 72


One difference is my file names, for example, I named my login.php file index.php. I changed them accordingly in the files.

Another is I didn't use WAMMP/MAMMP? I have Laravel and Valet installed so I created a field called elProjecto and ran the command "valet link" in the command line.


The functionality works fine, but the errors are displayed on the front page.

Any advice? Thanks!

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