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I'm new at this forum and just found out this section which I find very helpful. I'd love to hear what you think about my first "serious" site (for a client, who also is my cousin...:)). It's a small consulting company for human resources on enterprises in Caracas, Venezuela (yes, the site is in Spanish). I said it's my first serious site because it's the first time I use divs, css, php, etc... I've been learning all this by myself for 9 months now, with books and tutorials. Design and programming is all mine (logo is my sister's). Thanks in advance.


note: pictures on the front page are temporary, I need better ones.




ww w.sdac onsulto res.com [remove spaces]




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I don't speak Spanish, so I can't review the content - but the site itself looks nice. Very clean, and professional. I like the layout.


Code is clean, but it has a transitional doctype. The homepage only has 4 errors when validated as strict - I'd clean those up, and change the doctype.


The logo image is a .jpg, when it should be a .gif - that will make it smaller (so it loads faster), and will make it sharper. It has a slight fuzziness to me, but I doubt most people would notice. Some of the images in the page body with rounded corners are slightly "jaggy" - I didn't go into detail, but I'm guessing they're either .gifs, or you're using a rounded corners script. I don't personally like those, but they are common.


Finally, the contact info in the bottom left is... unorthodox. I've never seen anything like it, and didn't know what it was. In Chrome/Safari, it doesn't have a cursor effect, so I didn't know it was clickable at first. I'd ditch the graphic and go with some text instead.


Overall, superb. Anyone who knows me here will tell you that I pick at things, probably to a fault. I would say your site is in the top 25% of sites that I've reviewed on here. Good job!

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I add my bit to what is already said.


About coding. It seems clean and validate but I didnt notice any of tags in your HTML ( using span class for headings is not semantically correct.). You can read more about semantic coding :


Semantic coding will boost your SEO and make your website more accessible.

( If it is your first site, make for the future a list of what you need to check your website on:

validation, semantics, accessibility - there are plenty online tools to help you in it)

For the rest - I'd work some more on a header and footer part and colors but it would be to only my personal taste.


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Thank you very much for your reviews,


As I said before, I'm new in the web business (I am a professional musician myself), so I am very glad to hear some positive comments about my first site. I am still a little confused about the graphics I should use (.jpg, .gif., .png), and other coding details (spans, for example). Also the more I look at my html code and my .css file, the messier they seem to me. I'm still reading a lot (I bought 5 books about php, css, etc.) and I'm enjoying them a lot. For the left bottom image, that's my personal logo and in a future it will be a link to my own web page. I just didn't know how to put that information in an orthodox way.




Thanks again



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Just a question,


When trying to change the DTD from html 1.0 transitional to strict html 4.01, I have now too many errors on the validation pages. Is there a way to do this automatically?

None of your errors are critical but if you look at the validation results, you will find what the errors and warnings are and suggestions on how to fix them.


Changing your doctype from XHMTL Transitional to HTML 4.01 Strict will produce errors such as:


align="left" which should be style="float: left;"

border="0" will be style="border: 0;


..and so on. Of couse you can assign classes and put the styles in the css style sheet.


As for the warning, you just need to take out the self-closing forward slash within the tags:


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How strange... I could have sworn I had posted on this subject. :hmm:


I can't read Spanish either so critiquing the content is out of the question. However I do have a suggestion.


Regarding the "Our Clients" page;

I think the logos and the company names should be links to the company's home page. There are some big names on that list, along with a few I've never heard of before. It would have been nice to click on the logo and visit their site.

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Thanks for your reply. About your comment, I think you are right, but the client specifically told me not to put links on those logos...what can I do? Client is king... :)


On the other hand, I think the content of that page needs more color, or a better layout, there is too much white. What do you think?

Edited by edoplaza
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Here is an article about doctype choice

Really it was nothing particularly wrong with your code( well, if you went through validation) except span tag you've used for headings. So simply use tags for headings and it will come out well.

I don't know if you ever went through this tutorial in which you can see how basic layout could (and should) be built and styled.

In example of this test layout HTML you can see how tags are used for headings.

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Transitional was meant to be just that, Transitional between Earlier HTML versions and later, so people could get used to the new rules. Correct HTML is Strict. XHTML in fact has done away with all others in the latest versions and I think HTML 5 does away with it to. Transitional allows for designers to use sloppy coding... for that reason it became a norm, people can do things they are not supposed to do.

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