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Hello from South Texas!

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Hello everyone. I have been doing html for a year now, I am going through the JavaScript Beginners course here. I am back in school to get my bachelors degree and am a junior there. I am taking the C# class and working on my final project. I couldn't create an App on my own with out having to research everything online, but I do understand programming a lot better now. I am taking this course online at my school and the book used is very confusing. I like the videos here and the explanations given. I hope to get a solid understanding of the basics of programming and work on Web Dev on the side. I currently work for a large telecom company and install, configure, and maintain phone systems for small companies. Digital and IP PBX systems. I have been in the telecom industry since 1998 and would like to expand my knowledge into the coding world. Thanks!

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