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Hey all,


Just figured I'd post some new work of mine... Did this site for a family friend who sells handmade jewelry/fabric goods:


http:www.12fo urdesigns.com [removes spaces]


The first site I've ever done in Wordpress, actually. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out, and I've found the Wordpress platform pretty easy to work with. It has some ecommerce features based on the WP E-commerce plugin, and handles payments and such through PayPal.


If you have any comments, or notice any bugs/issues, let me know. :)

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I love the design, very creative.


Just one little remark on the popup when you add item to cart, there should be more separation between "Go to checkout" and "Continue Shopping". As they are so close together I clicked on continue when I meant to click on checkout.

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Nice, Ben! :)


Did you use the WP Ecommerce plugin? That thing is a bear.... Did you have to do a lot of template customization or have they added to their template choices?


Yeah, that's the one I used. For the most part, I didn't have to do any major customization... What they had worked for me. Mostly minor CSS tweaks. I did have some issues with it... primarily with certain features not working, and really having no where to go to get support (yes, they have a support forum, but I didn't really notice any knowledgable people there -- only ppl needing help). I did find it a bit annoying that to do basic stuff like a grid view for the products and multiple image uploading per product required buying a $40 "gold cart" upgrade.


I probably won't use that particular plugin in the future... There are a couple other WP options, so I may try that instead.

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