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Weird CSS issue.


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This is a mac question, it might be a general css question.

I was trying to practice my css and for some damn reason my simple css code wouldn't apply on my html page. I was able to fix the easy syntax issues I was having.

However, for whatever reason it still wouldn't apply. What I was noticing is whenever I open my html page it would create a new html page.  I thought that was very weird.

Me and file kept playing the delete and reappearing game over and over. Until finally I just used the new file and deleted the old file.  But of course css still didn't apply.

At this point I was frustrated. Some how I notice visual studio was still on my computer. My css was opening in visual studio.

When I told it to open in sublime text it finally saw the code. Is there an effective way to link my css code to my html code? 

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