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Distributing or Packaging Python Programs?

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I'm getting through the Killer Python course and reviewed the Career Paths videos.  One of the major next steps is to trying coding, find a niche, and build a portfolio.  

One obvious option for showing and distributing code is Github, but I'm not sure how that would work for a Windows user if they don't have Python's Interpreter(I think this is preinstalled on Linux and Mac).  While Python isn't really thought of as something to 'compile', some initial Google searching suggests there are tools to pack the program with the Interpreter into an .EXE file?  I also wondered if we should be concerned about it installing to the Start Button Menu in Windows.  

I'm also a little curious about Python in Android and if that is practical at all or if that is realistically just Java territory.  

Otherwise, the course was interesting and I think the provided Source Files will be a good reference.  Now I just need time to code when my day job isn't keeping me busy.  


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I'm working on a basic program to display a clock in the terminal by using the Time library to get the time, then by build a display from ASCII ART style numbers stored in variables. I think most of this idea is worked out except I would the user to be able to close the program by pressing the 'q' button. It seems there basic way to do this built in Python so it may need another module installed with Pip.  

If I import a module with Pip installer, how would I share my program without making the user go through the same extra step?  

For now my clock works counting test and I"m working on making it count in ASCII ART like this, but I can only cancel the Loop with Control-C.  

  __  __       __ 
 /  \  _). /| |_  
 \__/ __).  | __) 


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