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example from chapter 2:

function sniffer(message)

Q: Is sniffer a made up word or does it have some special standing in JS with things like 'alert' and 'prompt'?

Q: Are alert and prompt js keywords too?

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8 hours ago, administrator said:

Alert and prompt are methods built into JS.

1. We can't say they are keywords though, on par with function and var?

2. Can we say function and var are built in methods of JS too?

3. Are built in methods the same thing as a 'keyword'?

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Good questions. I don't believe function names are keywords ... so there would be no conflict if you had a variable named 'alert'. 

#1. No. They are not the same.

#2. Hmm ... this is getting into the details of the JS structure. JS has both functions and methods .... in a practical sense, it is a distinction without a difference, but functions are not methods because functions can exist outside on an object.

#3. No


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