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adding a video to my web page as background behind other text and image.

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hi, I have been looking at html5 and css coding for about 6 months now, very hard to get your head around this type of work, but im keen to know the ins and outs of web design code and how to use html and css.

I have created a website for somebody starting from a template I downloaded, so all the code was already there. I have dreamweaver to edit the pages. 

I have added the domain of the website I built, but the customer has asked if I can make the background of the top of the homepage play a video in the background, but keep whats on top still in place? so the facebook and google plus images at the top, the text and company logo image over the original image, there is an original image in place of a stone building you will see if you check link below of website, I want to replace this stone building image at the top, with a video I have created for him on youtube.

I have searched ways to do this, but I think because I already have lots of code in place from the template, my actions are not showing the video, so please could somebody help with this, if any advice or tips on how to get this webpage to have video in place of the background image at the top?


I also attached the pages in a file here if that helps





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