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I wanted to both introduce myself and also ask a question.

I am in the middle of learning the web core and specifically CSS. 

I am in the google fonts section and something occurred to me. How does one go about staying on top of and keep up to date with the latest technologies as for example I use to design/develop web sites and I moved away from it. I am trying to get back into the swing of things and in my previous experience I was limited to only the 7 safe web-fonts. I understand completely that it is impossible to keep up with everything based on how fast it changes and the browsers will not be in current release across the board until they all update and take on that standard that is being released.

What I am getting at though, as I am sure you all run into is that you get into your bubble and start working/designing and pumping out work that you may not pay attention real close to how things work now - like the example of Google Fonts. I was aware of this prior to the training, but this is a huge breakthrough imo when it became available because it is a way to broaden the design options.




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1 hour ago, tmoflash said:

How does one go about staying on top of and keep up to date with the latest technologies

You pay attention of tech vlogs. That said, things are really stabilizing in terms of web development, so you need not worry too much about always trying to keep up. The skills I teach in my web developer course will be good for many years. 

All industries go through this process of a period of major changes and innovation, then they settle down. The web tech reached a solid plateau in about 2012 ... give or take. 

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