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Top web browsers 2018 - So far.

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Top web browsers 2018: Microsoft's IE and Edge shed share as Chrome gains



Browsers built by Microsoft and Mozilla jettisoned some of their precious user share in January, while Google's broke out of a months-long malaise by grabbing what its rivals lost, and then some.

According to California-based analytics vendor Net Applications, the user share of Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge - the estimated portion of all personal computer owners who ran those browsers - fell by half a percentage point to 16.5% in January.

After a one-month reprieve from losses - IE+Edge had climbed in December - Microsoft's browsers returned to their long-time pattern of decline. The 16.5% mark was the second-lowest for Microsoft's combined user share in the decade that Computerworld has recorded Net Applications' numbers.


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I would like to answer the question The browser is probably the most important tool you have installed on your PC. In this segment, there are several options, but the market is essentially dominated by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

1 Opera Neon

2 Vivaldi

3 MxNitro

4 Tor Browser

5 Torch

6 Google Chrom

7 Microsoft Edge

8 UC Browser

9 Mozzila

10 Opera Mini

I hope this above browsers helpful for you,



Techtiq Solutions,


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