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Great news for Skype users

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Great news for Skype users, Skype will now use end-to-end encryption. So what is End-to-end encryption? Imagine this silly example:

Stef and I offer a service. Stef has a long string and two cans. I stand by a long way away with your friend, and you walk up to Stef and say you want to tell your friend a secret. Stef holds the can and you tell him what to say. You trust Stef not to tell your secret. Your friend is with me and I hear your secret, as can I and you trust me not to tell. Darling Andrea wanders up to the string passing her ad listens but cannot here anything. That is normal encryption. from Stef and tell your friend. Whoever hosts the service has access to the un-encrypted data and you must trust them.

In my example, Stef gives you a chart of letters and corresponding numbers. The chart we give you simply says the letter A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, etc. You decide with your friend to shift all letters by 5, so a 5 means "A". We do not know if you shifted your letters by 1 or by 17. You tell Stef your encrypted message that makes no sense to him. Andrea still cannot hear it and I tell your friend the encrypted message I do not understand which you figure out using my copy of Stef's chart. 

Silly I know, but I hope it worked. Basically End-to-End encryption means that when your skype software encrypts your secret before sending it to the skype server, the encrypted server sends the encrypted data to your counterpart who's skype software un-encrypts it for them. Skype never has access to your messages, even if forced by authorities, that cannot give it up as they have no access to the message as it is always encrypted and they do not have the key to reading the encrypted text or audio. Before, Skype had access to your conversations, but no one else (Andrea). Now not even Skype knows what you are saying/writing and you have more privacy. That is always good. By the way, Andrea is a doll and would never spy on you, I just needed a badguy and she came to mind (sorry luv).

Skype Finally Adds End-to-End Encryption for Private Conversations



Good news for Skype users who are concerned about their privacy.

Microsoft is collaborating with popular encrypted communication company Signal to bring end-to-end encryption support to Skype messenger.

End-to-end encryption assured its users that no one, not even the company or server that transmits the data, can decrypt their messages.

Signal Protocol is an open source cryptographic protocol that has become an industry-wide standard—which is used in Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Google Allo for secure messaging.


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