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Are you using the same Password on different sites?


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Read this and you will see why it is a bad idea. I get it, passwords are hard to remember when you have lots of them or you change them a lot. But the disturbing thing here is that of this 1.4 Billion passwords, many are still active as the authors discovered.

Also, remember to check periodically if your passwords etc. have been stolen and posted online:  https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Collection of 1.4 Billion Plain-Text Leaked Passwords Found Circulating Online



Hackers always first go for the weakest link to quickly gain access to your online accounts.

Online users habit of reusing the same password across multiple services gives hackers opportunity to use the credentials gathered from a data breach to break into their other online accounts.

Researchers from security firm 4iQ have now discovered a new collective database on the dark web (released on Torrent as well) that contains a whopping 1.4 billion usernames and passwords in clear text.


"None of the passwords are encrypted, and what's scary is that we've tested a subset of these passwords and most of the have been verified to be true," Casal said. "The breach is almost two times larger than the previous largest credential exposure, the Exploit.in combo list that exposed 797 million records."



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