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Thanks for the perspective, and Q about Java


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I have recently decided to pursue learning to write code on my own. I am very glad to have stumbled onto Stefan's videos/channel on youtube.

I appreciate the philosophy, the tone, and the experience I have found in the videos. I am planning to change gears on what I was working on and take both the python course, and the web stack for sure, and maybe look into the business related offerings as well.

I understand and appreciate the value of technology agnosticism. I was expecting to learn at least a couple different languages to give myself some range and options to work with. A while back I would have included Java as a language I would expect to learn at some point. Partly from watching your videos I have noticed a lack of a mention of Java for specific tasks. As a point of curiosity, I wonder if there are any applications or situations where you think that Java would be the way to go for the language of choice. I don't just mean something where you are working with an old code base already written in Java. But are there any new projects, programs, or apps you would consider writing in Java to be an optimal choice with the range of options available today?

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Well, the most obvious use of Java is for Android app development, since Java is the native language for that OS. That said, you would (in many situations) be better off developing mobile apps using the webstack, for the sake of having one codebase vs two. If you develop a mobile app, you will likely have to create it for both Android and iOS. And so if you write in Java for Android, you will have to write it again for iOS. 

Java is a great general purpose language and it has it's place. But with each project, you have to consider the pros and cons of the languages you can choose from, and that always goes beyond just tech considerations:

  1. Current code infrastructure
  2. Talent on hand
  3. Potential scale and integrations

.... So it is hard for me to say, that Java is the choice for XYZ situation, where you evaluate the situation purely on a technology basis. Again, the above 3 points are just as valid considerations as the tech itself.

Hope that makes sense.


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